About us

Troop 729 was founded as Troop 29 in 1919. During the 1940's the troop changed its number designation to 729. The troop has been sponsored, for its entire existence, now more than 80 years, by the Brotherhood of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas. It is the only Jewish sponsored troop in North Texas.

The troop today is small, though it has been large at times in its history. We are a "camping" troop, spending at least 1 weekend every month (September thru June) camping somewhere.

We attend summer camp, usually in June or July. Summer 1998 was at Camp Cherokee; 1999 was spent at the Chimayo Scout Reservation in New Mexico; 2000 was spent at Camp Orr on the Buffalo National River in northwest Arkansas. The older boys, in 1999, had the experience of high adventure camping (and trekking and white water rafting) in the Pecos Wilderness (above 8000 feet). In 2000, a similar program will be offered.

We also attend winter camp at the Circle Ten Council Camp Cherokee on the Clements Scout Reservation in Athens, Texas.

We are always actively recruiting and though Jewish sponsored will accept boys from any race or religion.

The troop is a "boy run" troop. The Patrol Leader's Council meets at least annually to plan the events of the troop for the coming scouting year.


The following are the LEADERS of Troop 729. Without dedicated individuals, such as these, some whose children now have children, no boy scout organization could survive. To contact any individual by e-mail, simply click on their name.

Name Position Phone
Todd Cohen Troop Committee Chairman
Joyce Wilson Scoutmaster 1-(214) 592-4794
Jeff Kogutt Assistant Scoutmaster (214) 363-7438
Mitch Mitchell Assistant Scoutmaster (972) 851-5625
Sam Noble Assistant Scoutmaster
Louis "Buddy" Gilbert COR (972) 239-0022
Ted Blum Unit Commissioner (972) 233-1590
Cheryl Sulski Treasurer
Rhonda Cohen Secretary
~POSITION OPEN~ Fund Raising
Marvin Noble Ner Tamid (214) 363-3024
Rhonda Cohen Public Relations
Judy Kogutt Recruiting (214) 363-7438
Jonas Berk
Todd Mitchell Merit Badge Counselor
Buzz Deitchman Brotherhood President
Temple Emanu-El Brotherhood Sponsoring Organization (214) 706-0000


In the Pinel system , the investor can rent to all members of his family: his parents, his children, his cousins ​​... But beware, not in any condition. It is in particular imperative that the tenant is excluded from the tax home, so as not to add the advantage of the Pinel device to the benefit of the half tax share. Other restrictions are imposed on the same principle. The law thus leaves the rental cases: to minor children to student children, between 18 and 25, attached to the parents' tax household to children receiving housing assistance (APL, ALS, etc.) A child of full age, a student, can therefore only be accommodated if he is detached from the tax center while renouncing the various housing aids… A rather restrictive framework therefore, which fades de facto at the start of working life: if the child receives a salary and declares income below the ceiling, he can live in the apartment, like any tenant.

Rent to your children in Pinel law

The Pinel law allows landlord lessors to rent to their children (louer à ses enfants en loi Pinel) or their parents, while benefiting from tax rebates. However, this must not be free accommodation and the selection criteria must be respected. Here's how to rent Pinel accommodation to your ascendants and descendants, legally .

Rent to your children in Pinel: obligations

The tenant of accommodation rented under Pinel law must not be part of the same tax household as the owners. Thus children who file a tax return on their behalf, can be tenants of Pinel accommodation belonging to their parents.

From the moment lessor owners receive the tax rebates of the Pinel law , the tax administration considers that they adhere to the system. They are therefore required to rent for 6 years, 9 years or 10 years, and must establish a lease with their children.

Tenants should not neglect their obligations to provide housing , just as they would if they did not rent to relatives.

It is strongly advised to keep proof of payment of the rents. Because the tax administration could control the owner-lessor parents. The latter must be able to prove that the children actually pay their rent.

For info: The Pinel law is available in only 3 zones. Average prices for new apartments are € 4,288 / m² (zone A), € 6,607 / m² (zone A bis) and € 3,708 / m² (zone B1). Source: sustainable development published November 2019.

Do not reimburse rent to children

Some parents will be tempted to pass on the rent in cash to their children. A few tickets, neither seen nor known, spent sparingly. Be careful, because the tax administration can notice it.

This will be particularly the case if the child tenant is a student, and his work at McDonald's does not allow him to pay at the same time his rent, his outings and his vacations. However, the controller of the tax center reserves the right to consider that there is retrocession of rents , despite the presence of receipts.

At this point it should be remembered that parents can give € 36,000 in cash to their children, excluding inheritance tax . However the taxman could see this patrimonial arrangement with a bad eye.

Rent in law Pinel to his children: fair rent

The Pinel device was developed to promote intermediate housing. Rents are therefore capped, they are between those of the social park and the free park. However, nothing prevents the lessor owner from renting below the ceiling imposed by law.

But he must do so with caution, because the tax authorities could consider that the discount granted on the amount of the rent is a form of hidden donation from parents to children.

Especially since Pinel rents are studied to be 20% below the surrounding median rents. A priori therefore children will be able to stay in a new apartment, well insulated and well placed, for less than in the free sector.

For info: Nantes (44) is located in zone B1, in which the Pinel rent must be 10.28 € / m² . According to the CLAMEUR observatory, the average rent in the free sector is € 12.30 / m² .

Children's income

Renting in Pinel in exchange for tax rebates means committing to renting to households whose incomes do not exceed a certain ceiling. These scales are reasonably high and concern many households, the lessor will have no difficulty in finding a tenant if he invests in the right accommodation in the right place .

However, he can only rent the accommodation acquired from his children if their income does not exceed the scale in force.

FYI: the income to be taken into account is that of year N-2, that is to say from 2018 to rent in 2020.

Tip: buy in Pinel 6 years in advance and then house the children

  1. One of the points of interest of the Pinel law is to give the investor the free choice of the duration of the rental . Parents can therefore buy and rent, so that the first authorized period of 6 years expires when the children are ready to leave the home.
  2. They will have benefited in all from a tax rebate corresponding to 12% of the price of the housing acquired. From this moment, they will have 2 possibilities .
  3. The first will be to continue tax exemption for the next 3 years, which forces them to rent the accommodation concerned to their children by following the rules.
  4. The second will be to draw a line under the tax rebates, which will allow them to get out of the Pinel system and to host their children for free.
  5. Be careful however, the Housing Code obliges them to inform the tenant in place sufficient time in advance. They may also have to justify that their children are actually going to occupy the premises.

Leader Bios

Joyce Wilson (Buffalo), Scoutmaster since 2006, has served the Troop in a number of committee chair positions and as a Merit Badge Counselor. Previous Scouting experience includes acting Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster for Pack 295 in Longmeadow, Ma., and Den Leader for Den #9, Wolves through Webelos. Completed Basic Leader Training and Webelos Leader Training at Camp Moses in Western Massachusetts. One of the first women to graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 1973, elected to Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1972-73. Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA, domestic Peace Corps) 1974-75. Certified to teach Grades 5-9 Mathematics, Westfield State College, 1995, elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Currently employed as a Senior Analyst by AEGON Direct Marketing Services.

  1. W. "Mitch" Mitchell, II (Bobwhite), Assistant Scoutmaster. Previously Scoutmaster 1997-2006. Previously Chairman, Adult Committee, 1994-97. Scoutmaster Fundamentals completed in 1999, and completed the training portion of Wood Badge at Philmont in the summer of 2001. Awarded his beads in June 2002. Staff member of the A Action Center at the 1997 and 2001 National Jamborees. Attained the rank of Life Scout as a boy with Troop 55 in Memphis, Tennessee ( a long time ago). Given the National Committee on Jewish Scouting Shofar award in 1996. Has not missed troop campout or summer camp since becoming a member of Troop 729 in 1994. A practicing attorney specializing primarily in civil litigation for over 33 years. A 1962 graduate of Texas A & M, received law degree in January 1967 from the University of Texas after returning from two years service with the US Army in Germany. Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.

Jeff Kogutt, Assistant Scoutmaster and Advancement Chairman ...

Todd Cohen, Troop Committee Chairman since 2006 ...

Jonas Berk (Beaver) has been registered with the troop since 1969 and has held the following positions: Adult Committee Chairman, Assistant Scoutmaster, Charter Organization Representative, Engineering Merit Badge Counselor, Advancement Chairman, Indoor Chairman, Fundraising Chairman, Scout Show Chairman, Shofar Award Chairman. He was awarded the Scouter Training Award (1972), Order of the Arrow (1972), Shofar Award (1979), North Trail District Award of Merit (1994) and the Silver Beaver Award (1997). Jonas is a graduate of Woodbadge 20 at Philmont and is a member of the Beaver Patrol. In his non-scouting life, Jonas has been a Registered Professional Engineer since 1957 and was the founder of the National Association of Cost Engineers. He is an honorary Kentucky Colonel and is a member of the First Armored Division Association (U.S. Army).

The following are the men who have held the position of Scoutmaster in Boy Scout Troop (29)729.

Emil Corenbleth 1919
Lee Pierce 1920's
Henry Miller 1929-1930
Morris Burrus 1930-1934
Hymie Leach 1930's Sea Scouts
Homer Beren 1930's
Morris Jaffee 1936-1938
Maurice Beck 1940's
Sid Solomonson 1953-1954
Louis Benno 1955-1959
Sid Solomonson 1959-1960
Alfred Myers 1960-1962
Arnold Muehlenthal 1962-1964
Charles Marcus 1964-1968
Ronnie Isaacson 1969-1972
Ronnie Isaacson 1972 Explorers
Joe J. Walker 1972-1974
Marvin Bryan 1974-1976
Fred Petry 1976-1978
Ted Blum 1978-1983
Charles Marcus 1983-1984
Marvin Noble 1984-1986
Gerald Nehman 1986-1992
Marvin Noble 1992-1994
Ronald Wuntch 1994-1997
W.W. Mitchell II 1997-2006
Joyce Wilson 2006-2008